New quests I would like to see

Hello again all,
Having completed over half the quest sets currently available on the site, I am looking toward the future and that means more quests needed! So I have some vague ideas where I would like to see the quests system get more involved on the site. (Not that my lone opinion matters much haha!)
1) Video quests: I liked the newest quest set that rewarded users for viewing what this site most prominently features, videos. I think that going more into depth with this will not only get people to watch more videos that they might not have normally clicked on, but videos are also the most production intensive thing on the site. Having people watch them more would (in my opinion) be more rewarding for the crew as well.
2) Review quests: Get members to search for reviews! Especially for games that the crew might feel are under-appreciated by the general public. Who knows, maybe it will give that title the sales boost it needs to bring about that greatly improved sequel that pushed the franchise forward. (This is more wishful thinking then anything)
3) Achievement quests: I know there is already a quest set for S-ranking games and such, but this could get more specific, or be as broad as to be defined by genre.
These are just some ideas I had while trying to pass the time at work. Fell free to let me have it in the comments!!


Quests got me to start adding to the wiki

So I have been a follower of for quite a while now, but it was not until recently that I have contributed to the site by adding to the wiki. All of my wrong guesses for answers to the new quests bring me to entries on the site that have little or no information. Now I'm not claiming that I am a know it all when it comes to videogames, an enthusiast at best, but there is a wealth of knowledge out there on other sites and I can see the value of adding that information here as well. I mean, why use Google to find the info when it can all be found right here?
When that information is moved onto here I try to take the ideas present in the writing and put it in my own words on here, leaving facts just as they are. How about others? Do you just copy/paste info from other sites to fill the wiki? Or is there research put into the entry, and a unique thought put into the information provided?