My First Modern Warfare 2 Montage

I finally put together some Modern Warfare 2 footage in montage form. I added my video from the Gamestop midnight release party.  

  Could a moderator please put this in the Modern Warfare 2 forums because it's not letting me.

An unboxxing and playthrough of Modern Warfare 2

I am planning on having a live stream of Modern Warfare 2 during launch. I will unbox the limited edition of the game, not the prestige (sorry you might have to look at pete for that). I will be using ustream to stream the footage. I will be playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on that stream between now and the release. Keep an eye on my personal Twitter to find out when I will be streaming.
Edit: This is for the people on the West Coast really and for the kids who are up late but their parents won't let them go. Oh and i'm not getting the regular I'm getting the Limited Edition one. And this is through legal means. Not some downloaded version on a modded xbox or through some store that broke the street date.
Plus hey I've got this video equipment so why not use it, right?