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Coming soon to Twitch: "Twitch Prime" Amazon will send a drone to your home to record your gameplay and live stream it to Twitch! $14.95 a month.

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Go ahead and add me. I play most any map other then Dust II. Only the lowest forms of CS:GO players play on Dust II in MM :-/

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EA has switched my PC code for a Xbox One

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@stonyman65: Still works till they send you a new code.

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@stonyman65: Nope, but I have a PC code and I was looking for an Xbox One Code. I think I may want to just trade codes with someone.

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I have a PC code but want an Xbox One...anyone want to trade?

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In the 10th grade, my teacher was going on and on telling the class why she thought Christopher Columbus was so smart; I was not very interested in this. So when the teacher ask "Any questions?" I replied without thinking "If he's so smart how come he's dead?" which is a early Simpsons reference.

I was only out of the class for 15 minutes because she, admittedly, was going a little overboard on Christopher Columbus, which in its self was a nice pun.

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Add me, I'm gold 2

Steam ID: Vash da Stampede

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After living in Detroit during Kwame Kilpatrick's term as mayor, Rob Ford's antics seem tame and cute too me. Can't wait to be in Toronto this weekend!

You could have stopped at "After living in Detroit"

HA! Fair point.