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I thought the trailer was good.The script was lame but it shows the action and fun with a group the game aims to deliver on.

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Thanks syz I like the look of it. Will help me from being sniped so easily in pvp.

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Warlock for me.Really interested to see how the teleport works.

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Joined the Force! PSN: Davenmaru

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Was going to buy Kings, thanks Sony!

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Yeah so Adam Rose is pretty great.

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Yeah new things suck! Good job Sony giving me an optional avenue to try games i've been interested in but haven't had a chance to try. And what am I supposed to do with the games I already them on the system I bought?Yeah right.

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Got one today with a 16gb card.Went to psn to look at the list of all games for the vita.My mind was blown by the amount of games this thing has.native games might be a bit thin.But the PSX-PS2 stuff was amazing.Now bigger cheaper memory cards please Sony.I want to spend lots of money on these games.

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Got mine at Target this morning.No pre order. 30 min line.But no problems.

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That Chris hero news sucks.Wrestling would be better with special effects.