E3 2014 Most Anticipated Games

Originally made this list for some kind of official GB Most Anticipated Game aggregator in 2011, but now I'm going to update it every E3 with a more current top 10. My flimsy criteria for this is that the game had to be shown in some capacity during E3, even if only a bit, which means games like The Last Guardian will not be here even though I want it bad.

Nothing's very absolute with this list. Some games just the initial intriguing trailer or knowing the developer is enough to get it on here; it's more about promise than anything actually shown of mechanics. Other times it's an impressive gameplay showing, obviously. There are several of these I could have swapped out with something else pretty easily. I'm always excited for a lot of games, near and far off, but this is what felt right at the time.

e: Funnily enough that Last Guardian mention was written in 2013. It's still true this year.


Final Fantasy XV

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain



Super T.I.M.E. Force



The Witness

Xenoblade Chronicles X

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