So its time.

I've been a member enjoying the site for a good year now, so I didn't have any issue with signing up for a membership. I'm going to try and post fairly regularly here but I'm so fucking terrible at being consistent with this stuff that it's not likely to take. 
So what I'm working on lately has been my final project for uni. It's a two minute animated short called Against the Grain, about a lumberjack who's cut down all the trees and needs to find a new job. We're keeping it pretty lighthearted, so don't expect an inconvenient truth or anything, but it's definitely been a lot of fun, and pain, to make. 
I'm not really sure if this is the place to talk about it, seeings as it's a film and not a game, but I might keep this blog updated with its progress from time to time.  
As for progress its just heading into the animation stage of production now (assets created etc, its a 3D animation). So I'll probably chuck up some images of concepts and the such later. See how we go. 
Anyway, that'll do for now.