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My interests consist of the following, pivotal, key to what makes me tick, things:

Xbox Live: The TikTok Man

VideoGames (Rpgs, Dungeon Crawlers, Story Driven FPS, Sand Box, Creative Platformers.)

Reading. Mainly fiction, fantasy and (as of late) comics in particular.

Writing. Notably interested in becoming involved in Magazine and Web publications.

Drawing, both traditional and digital (though I find photoshop still terrifies me).

Music is another huge one for me. Though over the last few years I've become pretty well consumed by indie. Metal, oldschool rap and classic rock each own vast acreage in my ready to burst musical heart.

And lastly (for the time being), I take immense satisfaction in being the most outwardly ridiculous and happy person I can be. Literally, once you get to know me you'd think I was on drugs. Lots of drugs.

Further updates to come soon.