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Jeff, and deliberately so. He just broods on it. Like some have said already, he could be a stand up comedian. Some of them are inadvertently funny. Remember Will on the BombCast with his 'Exzech'yetable'. Especially Ryan's rabid response made it priceless. I laughed my ass off! It's the reciprocal chemistry that allow them to have their own unique humorous moments.

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Waitress, a Barry Burton Burger with Botfries for me, please. Oh, and a G-Virus Soda. Thank you.

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@GunnBjorn: I'm pretty sure you misunderstood the question.

Forgive this Dutch simpleton, for I do not understand English too well.

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Sim City. I really tried, but I just couldn't understand the appeal of it. Kinda strange, because I did like the 'Theme-' games a lot. And Gran Turismo. But that's because I simply do not like racing games at all. Not then, not now, not ever.

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The Henri Quatre/Ringbeard. Aka as de 'Pratende Kut' (Talking Cunt) in Dutch.

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I thought he had announced ZOE3 to run on Fox Engine?

The Fox Engine! Damn, I almost forgot about that one! Did they announce any other games for it?

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Can we please get Vinny back? I miss him so much...sniff

I'm sad anytime Vinny's not in something... I'm sad often. I've been watching the P4 endurance run for the first time and have been loving the Jeff/Vinny combo.

Have you come the 'Biiiirrrdmaaannn...!' section yet? You'll laugh your ass off! Also, the part where Nanako's father makes the phone call to cancel the vacation is priceless too. Yes, the P4 ER was something very special.

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I remember that a former well-respected game reviewer once said that without the adornment and headdress (the nerdy people, the cosplay, and yes, the booth broads) E3 just wouldn't be the same. It's part of the whole show and frankly, I'd miss it if it wasn't there. I surely did when the stripped down E3 was held in Santa Monica for two years. Oh, and this person was Greg Kasavin, btw.

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Fl0w was só special to me. Fl0wer was good. More of the same in a spiritual sense. Journey was... everything I wanted it to be. No more, no less. TGC made some incredible games. Now they're going multi-platform. I'm happy for them they'll make an extra buck because of this, but I fear for the quality of their future products.

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"I want people to play because they enjoy playing and want to play more."

Achievements are a good incentive to make people play/enjoy your game more, since it gives the player a sense of being rewarded after fighting/overcoming a bitch fuckin'/asshole hard (Yes, that's an Alex Navarro reference) bossfight/difficult section of the game.

Nintendo's indifference towards achievements is worrying. I know, they want to be unconventional, but sometimes it isn't at all bad to go with flow a bit. It might spark a smidgeon of sympathy from MS/Sony fanboys.