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It's a shame people won't get the option but I have to agree that the service seems to offer very little value for the cost.

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That race was superb! So glad we're not going to have a Mercedes whitewash this season and that's set this season up very nicely as far as the championship is concerned.

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Very excited for this! Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about F1, there's sure to be plenty of technical engineering disputes for Drew to geek over this season.

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Jennifer Lawrence is adorable, can't say much about the movies but I would do unspeakable things with her.

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Journey is one of the very few game soundtracks I listen to outside of the game, it's truly beautiful. I assume by Mass Effect you mean the series as a whole because I wouldn't rate the soundtrack for ME1 as highly as the other two.

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Excellent news, I'm surprised this game doesn't receive higher praise when people are suggesting games to play on the Vita. It was a ton of fun and worked really well with the controls.

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Aw man, I really need to borrow my brother's PS3 so I can play this. But, then I remember that I won't have near enough time to actually finish this game.

It's a long game but it's not as long as you might expect for a JRPG. You can finish it within about 10 or so hours of the time it takes to play GTAV so that could put it in perspective for you. Anyway, the game is well worth your time if you get the chance to play it!

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Yeah we get it, game reviews are formulaic. Even the people writing them realise it. Isn't that sort of a self dis though, Leigh is a video games "journalist" even if she tries to pretend she is offering some sort of more worthwhile meta-commentary...

Also, telling the story from the perspective of multiple characters, each with their own unique background and experiences through which the events are refracted, IS a narrative innovation. The lack of a female lead character certainly doesn't make it any less worthwhile. The fact is the majority of violent criminal activity is carried out by males and I'm sure there will be strong female characters in the game just like there were in GTAIV. Why should it matter whether you get to make them run around and shoot stuff?

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That phone conversation was so good. I feel like the fact that he was doing it to make sure the cops thought Skyler was the victim was probably lost on some people, though. It skirted the line between him venting at her and everyone else and him obviously playing up his own involvement in what went on because he knew the police would be listening and didn't want Skyler to pay for her part in things.

I doubt that was the case.

Are you serious? Of course that was the case, that was some of the most powerful TV the show has delivered to date and Bryan Cranston was incredible in that scene. It showed the tragedy of his character too because he was doing what he's been trying to achieve all along, protecting his family, but now he realises he went too far down the rabbit hole and the cost of his actions was too high.

I guess the phone conversation was subtle but as soon as I heard Walt talking on the phone I thought "this is out of character for him" then a couple of seconds later you realise what is really going on.