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"The Vinny vortex featuring Alex". Join Vinny and friend(s) as they make videos of whatever Vinny wants; be it 90's adventure games, soccer games, D&D, children's educational video games or anything else. Tune in one or two times a week for a 1-3 hour gaming event! I mean it doesn't even have to be about videogames honestly, that guy could be painting a chair(because wood working) and it would be entertaining.

Wow, I would absolutely watch Vinny "playtest" educational games on the premise that he's going to let his kid play them afterwards. I don't even mind if that's just all just a pretence, Vinny's penchant for doing everything possible to break a game would work so well with educational games!

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Well this is a shitty way for the season to end, I'm going to get some sleep like a sane person would.

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My patience for this race is wavering, considering calling it a night/morning and crowning Lewis champion already.

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@flstyle: He got past him pretty easy, I think he as just angry that he bothered to fight him at all lol.

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Well could be in for a pretty boring race then...

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YEAH let's do this! Hoping Lewis and Nico are back of the grid after the first lap and have to fight for this title win!

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Really hoping Rosberg can hold on here, the championship needs to be tight down to the final race so the double points rubbish doesn't seem so unfair.

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It's a damn shame I have to wait another 4 days to emulate that thrilling race for myself.

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Hey guys, I'm still awake after that race, what a miracle!

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Really terrible news, the stories you have shared about your father on the podcast made him sound like a really great guy. Much love from the whole giantbomb community!