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WHAAAAAAAAAT... now this will be expensive

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I am using normal 360 wireless controller with a dongle and I am very happy. No problems and need to upgrade

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good luck vinny. You will now have to be aware of godzilla and aliens attack. They always seem to attack ny first

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wow, which mods are that? (and first person mod)

How did You forced proper widescreen without stretching?

as fo aa, I know that that in MP2, aa disables when You are in bullet time. So even tho You have msaa turned on, force smaa too, so it will help with jaggies when in bulelt time

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Just as an OP I also have DK1 and been looking for something wireless in 100$ range. Right now I have Creative Aurvana Live! and xonar dg. Sound quality is great (comfort is so so) but I want to get rid of the cables. What recently popped as big recommendation is Sony PLaystation Wireless Headset 2.0/gold. New wireless headset from sont that is said to also work on pc. Anyone can share impressions? being 100$ it have good reviews and people say battery is good and sq is nice too + its very comortable.

Anyone used it on pc? How does it work with xonar dg ?

btw. I might get ps4 in a year or sooner so it might come in handy even more then. Until then, Oculus would really benefeit from sometgin wireless

edit: Also, I don't care for mic at all. I never use mic

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well now, That's splendid

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why does he need robot in caves ?

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@smokyexe said:

@somejerk: That's cute, how much do you make a month?

I make 300 euro and that's normal to a bit on the lower end salary here, a game is 60 euro. Yeah, I'll wait for a sale, thanks.

true. I make 400 euro and spending 60 on a game is just not possible. I am in a situation where I have to think for is it worth spending 10euro on a game but thanks to steam sales my library have 150 games in it

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two of most underrated games and at the same time two of my fav games last gen. The darkness1 and Timeshift and Binary Domain ofc

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sorry, couldn't resist. ordered :lol: