I just started my blu-ray collection

Today i went to Best buy to see a friend and i looked at how much bluray were going for. i picked up two bluray Shaun of the Dead and 40 year old virgin. I have to say that bluray look awesome in HD. i could see a lot of different details in the movie then i would do in DVDs. so far i have only watched Shaun of the dead. i will watch 40 year old virgin maybe tomorrow.


I'm almost done.

I'm almost done with my xbox 360. i've been working on modding it with difference appearance. my first thing that i did was put in a whisper fan blue. it moves more air and is quieter then a regular xbox 360 fan. the next thing that i did was i bought a new ring of light. it now glows blue like my avatar looks like. my friend just cut a hole into the top of the 360 and put plexiglass on it. it look great.  i just painted the 360 faceplate and top of it black. 
my next thing i'm going to be doing is cutting a hole into the plexiglass to put a fan on the top of it. the fan is going to be pushing air into the 360. it should be more cooler with the two modded fans. it's going to be also be blue, it will be cool.


Hi i'm from gamespot.com

this is my first blog.
i am from gamespot.com just like maybe half the people r from. my name there is iam2green, i just changed the 2 to the 3.

iam2green is kind of my own name. back when the n64 was hip i played golden eye all the time, one day i played it so long that i got motion sickness and i throw up. so my name is "i am 2 green to play right now"

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