My thoughts on the 3DS so far

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember. But I have never gotten a system on launch day (my Wii was close though). I decided to pick up the 3DS since I belive every dedicated gamer should get a system on launch day at least once in their lives. In fact that was the only reason I got the 3DS on launch, if I hadn't of found one on the 27th I would of waited until OoT to pick it up. Because of this I went in to this not expecting a whole lot since there wasn't really anything major getting me excited. 
The launch game I decided to pick up was Super Street Fighter IV witch is an odd choice for me since I'm not really a Fighting game player (other than the odd Smash Bros game) but it seemed to be the most polished launch game and it's a classic design that won't show it's age a few years down the road. I'm not gonna bore you with any sort of unexperienced review that I could give you. Nobody would be reading this thing looking for a SSFIV Review. 
What I can do however is give my opinion on the hardware witch lets face it is the reason anyone got this system on launch day. The 3D works, yes it's flawed, but it works. It's awesome to look at and it's not surprising that the best looking 3D is actually the menu system. This shows that Nintendo wants this thing to be polished witch is nice to know. It sucks that they couldn't have the internet browser and the shop channel ready for launch but if that means that they're gonna be polished to the same level as the rest of the system I think it's worth it. The analog stick is great and it's something that has been seriously lacking in portable systems before. I've even gotten comfortable using it playing Pokemon Black witch I didn't expect to be so easy. It's nice having the SD card slot witch I've actually used to load up some 3D images to view (I never used it on my DSi). And Finally I love the charging cradle, I can't believe it actually comes with the system it's extremely handy. 
Then of course there's the included software. Mii Plaza is neat, unfortunately living in a rural area I can't really get the full experience of collecting different Miis but it's still fun using coins to hire heros. The Mii maker isn't really all the new but the QR support is amazingly useful for collecting Miis online. It's a great feature that I didn't even know it needed. And I don't have much to say about the AR stuff other than it's really cool to play around with. 
In closing I'd like to say it's a great little piece of hardware that has lots of potential.