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I have been a listener/viewer since before the Giant Bomb days and as a result, Ryan Davis has been a big part of my life for the last several years. What with the videos to watch when I get home from a long day of work while listening to the latest Bombcast, there is going to be an empty side of my everyday life now.
RIP Ryan.
You will be missed always.

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In fact the seller is Cards Against Humanity PLC...

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@Freshbandito some amazon UK sellers have the regular sets, I just ordered one for £30 plus shipping.
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I'm glad we don't have Gamestops in England, they seem to be a bunch of mardy rip-off merchants and complete cunts. Mind you GAME aren't much better.

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Hey! I've come to join and assist in the GB server fun. I've been on a few times, character name Felicity, for ease of identifcation (i didn't know i'd be playing multiplayer servers when i started the game), i'm transferring all my stuff to a new character i've called King wiL, for obvious reasons. I've almost finished my first solo map, so i'm up for spending time creating cool shit and helping others create cool shit :D

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i just came on under the player name of Felicity. wow this place is awesome. also i think someone gave me rocket boots, i noticed them in my bag when i got back to my single player. whoever gave them to me, THANKS!!!!

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It can't be that rare, on my trip over to America from England in January, i had no trouble tracking down a copy at a random Gamestop in Syracuse, NY. they told me of a number of Gamestop stores that had it in as well.

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@Navyseils said:
" I'd still like to see it have a release here, even if it is very american. Some of us know a fair bit of american stuff, I wan't to be able to play with my yankee buddies. This is our kinda game. "
what they said
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@DeF said:
" it would also be unfair to those people who only have a DSi oder DSiXL or will own only a 3DS next year.   "
good point i forgot the DSi doesn't have a GBA slot 2 as i only have a launch DS and a red Lite.
shame really but at least i can start it without having to gio back and try to finish the 2nd game now. Would have been nice for say, Isaac to give you a key to a vault containing all your items from the previous games or something. Plus i had all 72 Djinn.....
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