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Hello and stuff. Umm I am a person....yep. I play many video games and I like to write music. Mostly in the traditional metal, ambient or symphonic styled genres.

As for video games, I LOVE them (Even more than music hah!)!!! I love a lot of TRUE survival horror games as well as RPGs. I play a lot of older video games from any genre in general though. From NES and up pretty much.

Then, there's music... I mostly listen to traditional Heavy/Power/Symphonic/Speed/Thrash/Progressive metal bands, as well as music from video games (go figure). If it isn't either of those, I also listen to ambient music and TRIP hop similar to Akira Yamaoka's work (thank you Silent Hill :D) and just about anything with a crazy harpsichord in it hehe!

My Newgrounds and My Youtube Listen to my shitty original music/covers (only if you want to)