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If you type in a search term using the box at the top of the homepage and then click on the "Search for ... " item, it takes you to the search results page. If I try to middle click on a link from that page to open it in a separate tab, the current tab just loads the page instead. I like to scroll through the search results opening the pages that are of interest in multiple tabs before I go look at them properly, but it won't let me!

I'm on Windows 8.1 using Google Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 m.

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Well hey I guess y'all got your wish!

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I have a UK PS2 demo disc with the European MGS2 demo on it. Maybe they can just play that!

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Really the TL;DR is that past broadcasts will still be a thing, but they will only be retained for up to 14 days (60 if you're a turbo/partner user). You won't be able to save them forever (Unless you manually archive them yourself of course). Highlights can still be made and those are kept forever.

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Yes please! People are so stubborn on this one though. It's only because we've had almost 100 years of 24 fps.

@dixavd said:

Yeah! Maybe they'll eventually get movies to move on from 24fps as well.

After the Hobbit movies in 48fps, seeing films in 24fps looks so stuttery by comparison. I look forward to this catching on in the future.

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Free to play is not a bad thing. People in this thread be crazy.

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If you put all the "toppings" under the cheese so that the cheese is forming a lid of sorts, would that make it more pie-like?

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I don't need to have access to video games forever. Ownership has never been something I've been concerned with. So long as I can pay for access to a game and play it without that access being revoked before I'm finished with it, I don't really care what happens to it afterwards.

I treat digital distribution platforms as services whereby the offerings of said service are subject to change at any time.

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You don't *need* a trademark for anything. It's a useful legal protection of your trade names, if you need it. Also, copyright is implicit; you don't need to actively "put" a copyright on something. Look up copyright laws in your country.

I dunno how it works in Canada, but in the UK there are companies who specialise in helping individuals or small groups start companies of their own. They handle all the paperwork, registering, payroll and stuff that needs to happen. Do these exist in Canadaland?

Having said all that, you'd be better off asking your questions of a small business advisor rather than a message board about video games.

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