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I don't need to have access to video games forever. Ownership has never been something I've been concerned with. So long as I can pay for access to a game and play it without that access being revoked before I'm finished with it, I don't really care what happens to it afterwards.

I treat digital distribution platforms as services whereby the offerings of said service are subject to change at any time.

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You don't *need* a trademark for anything. It's a useful legal protection of your trade names, if you need it. Also, copyright is implicit; you don't need to actively "put" a copyright on something. Look up copyright laws in your country.

I dunno how it works in Canada, but in the UK there are companies who specialise in helping individuals or small groups start companies of their own. They handle all the paperwork, registering, payroll and stuff that needs to happen. Do these exist in Canadaland?

Having said all that, you'd be better off asking your questions of a small business advisor rather than a message board about video games.

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"Which of the following mobile phone platforms do you primarily use?"

There's no "None" option.

Also I hope there's a post on the site later that has lots of graphs and statistics about the Giant Bomb community. I really need to know how many of you ate at a fast-food restaurant in the last month but didn't consume a soft-drink.

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I'm sure I read that the DualShock 4 is compatible with the PS3 on a system level.

A quick Google search seems to confirm compatibility, but you need to have it plugged in via micro-USB and some buttons might not work (The PS Button, the touchpad, possibly the Options and Share buttons?).



I don't have any experience personally with GT6, though I've read that GT5 DOES NOT work with it so take that how you will.


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The expanding Xbox One ad is really annoying.

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Valve are not doing anything with it anyway.

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No I don't. I'm lying.

Pretty sure I did have it for a few days longer than I should have done, but it seems to have resolved itself now.

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Blitz didn't just port the House of the Dead: Overkill engine, they developed the middleware (BlitzTech) which was then licensed by the Sega team to create the game. That same engine powered every game developed by Blitz so they would be the obvious choice to work on a game that utilises that engine.

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@flstyle: But you just posted in old thread too. Now I have too. Oh noooooooo!