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@corevi: Rorie has mentioned a few times on the podcast that he never experienced any bugs so I was thinking about taking my chances. If you are sure the physical copy doesn´t need any online connection to work, I think I will go for it.

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For the next couple of weeks I will be completely without internet in my apartment. Will i be able to buy a physical copy of the game, install it on my computer which does not have Origin installed yet and actually play it? I can use a hotspot from my phone for some very light verification and stuff, but no actual downloading of game files or patches.

Is the game playable without any of the fixes released that address bugs in the game?

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I sold a foil snow globe for 1.38 euros. Crazy that people actually use money on that stuff!

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Sure why not, my uplay friends list is practically empty.

Username: bhk100

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I am experiencing some serious aliasing myself. We probably just have to get over it.

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RIP Ryan Davis

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Have this across two monitors. Looks pretty good

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For my messages I use "Aha is this our chance". And I'm using this Sleeping Dogs Menu Music as my ringtone:

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I just leveled a Hardcore Barb to lvl 60 again. One thing I don't like is the fact that they have scaled back the difficulty.

You can easily solve this problem with monster power, but getting to inferno is a breeze compared to how it was and I don't look at it as an accomplishment to reach lvl 60 Hardcore anymore.