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Keep living the dream buddy.

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Mass Effect. I would buy a PS4 for it.

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Call of Duty 2

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Well, dang. I love that guy.

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Would be a huge help for me as well.

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Rush 2 - I thought everyone thought that was the greatest game ever. I mean finding all the keys in each track, which unlocked cars for that track is a bitchin' idea. Great sense of speed, so many shortcuts and jumps, it had everything. Also, Stunt Course!

And fantastic music.

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A giant Bomb movie has been something I've been thinking about for a while, although not in the way you mentioned.

Do you think when things are all said and done, we could turn 2-3 hours worth of the highest quality Giant Bomb content into a cohesive, well paced and edited Giant Bomb movie? Would it work?

Would be nice to have and watch on occasion years from now when Giant Bomb is no more, and you don't have the time to hunt down and watch the good stuff.

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@pyromagnestir: Nope. Did not make it to the party. I don't think my friends stuck around long. Maybe 15-20? I have a vague memory of the two of them looking down at me and chuckling, and saying "He's gonna have fun hangover tomorrow." But that's all I remember from the time I went to try and sit on the couch, till I woke up the next morning. It's been 8 years, and have never been as drunk as that night.

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I had been at a good social level of drunk many times before, but the first time I was pass out drunk?

I was 17. It was New Year's Eve. 9pm. My best friend, and my roommate were coming back to the house to get me, so we could go to this party. I really didn't want to go. It had been a long day, and I in my mind I thought it would be cooler to sit alone on my bed and listen to David Bowies: "Five Years" when the clock struck midnight. But, I new my two friends wouldn't allow it.

I was sitting on the floor putting on my shoes figuring they would get there in the next couple of minutes, when I grabbed the mickey of Captain Morgan that I had beside me, which I was going to bring to the party. I then proceed to chug the whole thing, while still sitting on the floor. I sat there for a few moments trying to comprehend what I had just done, then got up to go sit on the couch.

12 hours later.

I was sprawled out across the living room floor. I opened my eyes slowly and beside me on the floor, was a bucket to vomit in, a glass of water, along with a pitcher of water, 20 dollars taped to a note that said, "We pillaged your liquor stash," and another note that said, "Wow, you really are committed to not partying."

Needless to say, I made the right choice in friends.

I puked in the bucket, drank the water, and proceeded to spend the rest of the day watching my Simpsons DVDs, regretting nothing.

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Well, based on his findings natural talent typically has little to do with it. Also I'm not disagreeing with you. I don't believe in the "Self Made Man". There is a reason why 3 of the biggest contributors to computers and internet are all born in the same year. I would not however call Gladwell's observation trite. You need both.

All I was saying, is that I think Rusts definition of good is probably different than your average joe. He is obsessives, and critical. His standard of what is good is likely a lot higher than others.