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The issue with women as protagonist is that even if you put a women into your game you will have scores of people complaining.

She is to sexy, she is to week, to manly, to feminine, to strong, to tall, to ugly, to short, to sensitive, not sensitive enough for all ohter sides then the gamer's them self. Like take the GTA5 thing and the feminist agenda around it that says that it is sexists because you can do horrible things to nameless women in that game. Now the fact is you can do horrible things to every one in that game, men or women, but that dose not matter so what do you think happens when you make a female protagonist that gets hurt or is shown as any kind of flawed. You got the same Anita crowd screaming bloody murder about her being to weak and if you make here to strong she is seen as a man with tits and there for it is still sexist. You are FUCKED no mater what you do.

Also the Anita crowd is not helping the issue and there dishonest behavior is helping to make this entire conversation even more hostile. Then there is the gaming media that is also making things fucking stupid in and effort to try and jump on every dam band wagon to be the first to scream "SEXISM" at any whiff of any thing in a effort to garner clicks.

The issue with Patrick was that he was very one sided and gave a free pass to any one on his side of the debate so people started tuning him out. He had an agenda and he pushed it hard so people ignored or did not like him because of it. Any one who claims to be a journalist, but can not even follow basic journalistic ideas will get a bunch of hate.

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Where is Dragons Crown...

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Shadowrun: Dragon Fall

It's a standalone expansion to Shadowrun that is way better then the original and one of the best RPG games i have ever played in my life and i am an old school RPG nut. The orginal camping is worth trying first, but Dragonfall is so many times better.

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Guild Wars 2.

I love the combat system and the living world. If only they would put more effort into WolrdvsWorld then it would be perfect.

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@pewps: Of course not he is peaty deep with in one side of the entire debate and have done thing to change that.

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The Game gate video is terrible. Nice collection of strawmen he has made to knock down.

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@patrickklepek: Well you are kind of to blame for this. Not you specific, but people like you with your position.

We are in a situation where there is a growing lack of trust and not to single you out, but you are here answering questions here so i will. Where are the articles we can trust i mean you are willing to give a platform to a lot of people, but you never show any willingness to call out any of your own bad apples.

I have seen this industry grow for longer then you, but all the reporting you see is very one sided and kind of weak. I mean you would never do a piece that would criticize some one like Anita or go deep after any of your own and that is helping to create this schism and it will only grow. You wrote little pieces that no way could come back to bite you in the ass.

Personally i don't care i predict the Gaming industry becoming nothing more then hype machines in the future and all gaming journalism moves to youtube and that will be sad, but that is where we are headed.

Gamergate is wrong and the gaming journalists are only making it worse.

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So i know that no one cares and this is mostly a circle jerk, but i would also like to say something.

GamerGate happened because Gaming journalists are un-trust worthy and have no ethical standards and they are not willing to police them self. If this was only about Zoe Quinn the entire thing would be gone by now, but it is still there growing every day and that can not be blamed on a few hateful trolls. No it is deeper then that and until Jeff and ohter people on major sites is willing to call out his own comrades in the industry for there very mistrustful practices it will continue.

Not only Jeff of course, but as some one who have seen video games come and go for as long as Jeff have i know how corrupt and bullshit the entire video game "Journalist" thing is. No one is willing to call one another out for this and that leads to the mistrust between "Gamer's" like my self and the media. I mean we are not at a time where if you want to sell a game you do not go to IGN or Gamespot you go on YouTube and give the game to one of them because that will generate sales. The trust of reviews is so low that it is not wonder that people are starting to see patterns of unethical practices.

Anita Sarcisen sends out a video and the entire gaming press fawns over it and ignore the flaws no one even says any thing that can be seen as any kind of critical and there for people see patterns of corruption when it is most likely incompetency.

Depression quest comes out and a lot of us with depression find it insulting, but the gaming press will not speak out about that part so people see patterns of corruption.

A hole host of Gaming journalists sends out nasty twitters and mails to people and no one with in the gaming press is willing to call out there comrades. SO people see corruption instead of the truth that most of these gaming journalist are cowards who would rather not rock the boat.

The Gamergate guys might be wrong, but you can not blame them for seeing corruption and unethical behavior when the gaming journalism industry is as bad as it is.

I have no horse in this. Yes Gaming Journalists are unethical and un-trust worthy that is nothing new, but they are slowly dying out so i don't care any more and the gamer gate guys are going about every thing all wrong, but it is how it is.

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@mbradley1992: Dood non of the people in the mainoffice?! is going to do something like legend of grimrock 2 they are kind of mainstream and i know how hipster that sounds, but Vinny and Drew was the one with the more obscure interests when it came to games and they are still setting op and Drew has defected to North Korea.

Also Sleeping dogs with out Vinny is wrong and should not be.

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Polygon is going to Polygon.

If there is sexuality and any kind of sexiness in a game then i know that Polygon and places like Rock Paper Shotgun will get angry about it. That is how it is so i don't read them and it is that simple and the more people keep not reading them and not giving them clicks the better. Polygon is kotaku with another name and tend to clickbate a lot while still standing on there soap box screaming there heads of about all the evils of the "GAMER".

Plus i still stand by the age old. Reviews are worthless in most cases and you should ignore almost all of them them in favor of only the few reviewers that you know personally shares your taste in games. Anything written by Alex i can gladly ignore because i think he has terrible taste in games.