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and oh yeah, that DOA5 part was totally necessary.

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The thing that a lot of people don't realize is that, to many people, COD is the equivalent to FIFA or Madden. You buy it, have a lot of fun for a few months, everybody is playing it too, and then you wait for the next season game to repeat all of that, because you keep getting better and it's just fun. And the more you play it year after year, the more you get the changes, many of them which are really small for people who are looking from the outside. It's just like sports franchises, and it works really well for Call of Duty. There's no reason to keep thinking that COD should be this flagship FPS released just every 2 or 3 years. It has become another thing.

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@GunnBjorn said:

I never understood why they chose to put the home version on the SNES. The Arcade KI was virtually an advertisement for the Ultra 64. Was it because the Arcade game had better hardware than the N64? And they couldn't make a faithful conversion to the N64. So they put it on the SNES to shroud the N64's graphical limitations. Or was it a data storage space problem?

Because the N64 was still a year away from release when they made the SNES version, and by the time the console was out, they had already released KI2 in the arcades, which was actually the first fighting game for the N64 (KI Gold, remember?). But yeah, the N64 was in fact not as powerful as the arcade machine. The difference between KI2 and KIGold was clear.

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People just need to understand that it was either having it on Wii U or not having the game at all.

What it really shows, though, is what Nintendo has become to most gamers. For many people, Nintendo is now basically a name to be ignored, to the point of them now having a great (kinda) mature third party game and people being upset about it. That's really sad.

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Just the Bombcast and 8-4 Play (long before being hosted here). I used to count the minutes to the release of a new TalkRadar before its unofficial death in 2011 (when they changed the format and then Chris left).

RIP old TalkRadar =(

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Since you're planning to play in shorter sessions, I would recomend games divided in real chapters/levels. MGS4, Vanquish, Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles, for example. The first three are not long games and always have a good place to stop playing, and Valkyria Chronicles can be tackled with 2 or 3 battles per session. Also, they're some of the best games of this generation, in my opinion.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

fat people with beards = Ryan Davis

But this picture takes the crown

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1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

3. Final Fantasy VII

Yes, VII, I don't care.

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So tired of these bullshit articles everywhere. Do the girls actually get in your way, in front of the TV or something when you're checking out the games? So let them be, why does anyone care?

Actually, I really don't know when all the crap about everything in the games industry started. Be it booth babes, sexy assassins in your CG trailer, imply that a gang of bad guys would attempt to rape a cornered girl in a remote island, applaud a nice demo, everything you do is somehow fucked up to some people. It's like we have a hobby so sofisticated and intellectual that nothing but the highest form of expression and "art" is acceptable.

But maybe I see things this way because I'm from another culture, I don't know.

Also, that Ghost Recon designer needs some help.

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Racing games in general, from Gran Turismo to Burnout. I always play them while listening to podcasts, it's perfect, you can really focus on the race but still get 100% of the talk.