My thoughts on Super Street Fighter (you know, the fourth one)

So far the game is a "heaping helping of fun" tm!   If you have been unfortunate enough not to have played Street Fighter 4 Vanilla, because that is what people are calling it I guess, then this game is a more balanced and feature heavy version of Super Street Fighter 2 and if you have not played that then go die... or play it or something.  More specifically the 8 new and the 2 NEW characters add a lot of depth and change up the fights in a positive fashion.  I have taken a shine to Dudley, but I keep getting totally freaked out by the enormous character select  screen.  Everything is unlocked from the beginning, except some costumes and a bit of the nice voice options and such, so it gives it a "pick-up-and-play" quality that, I think, most modern fighting games should try to go for.  I have not played a whole bunch of the online, but what I have played was nice, although I got my ass creamed!  In short, for forty bucks (USD) it is one sweet package.