Album Review: Leviathan by Mastodon

Mastodon is probably my favorite metal band. Their mixture of melodic and heavy songwriting resonates with me. The guitar playing done by both Brent Hines and Bill Kelliher is always heavy and inventive. The drums by Brann Dailor are incredible. With Brann usually playing some very energetic and complex drum parts. The vocals by lead vocalist and bassist, guitarist Brent Hines, and drummer Brann Dailor are also very solid. Overall Mastodon is the full package when it comes to their style of metal, which is usually sludge metal. Today, I will like to take a look at their sophomore album "Leviathan", which was released on August 31, 2004 on Relapse Records. Let's begin.

The album kicks off with probably Mastodon's most recognizable song "Blood and Thunder". The song starts out with that iconic guitar opening and launches straight into the heavy and almost crushing verse. Brann Dailor's drumming is very busy adding to the almost chaotic vibe. Troy Sander's vocals are top notch and the lyrics also add to the songs intensity. The chorus is absolutely fantastic with the group vocals adding a sense of epicness to the whole track. The song's bridge is also fantastic with some very well played dual guitars, Overall this song is one of Mastodon's best and is a great testament not only to this album, but to them as a band.

The album continues the intensity with the tracks "I Am Ahab" and "Seabeast". "I Am Ahab" has one of the best riffs on the entire album with the guitars and drums creating a fantastic rhythm. The vocals are also very solid. The song overall is very intense and doesn't let you go, and the song's length is perfect. The next track "Seabeast" changes things up with the more cleanly sung vocals by Brent Hines. His singing with the instrumental is is very well done. Giving the song a very unique and intense atmosphere. And atmosphere is where this song and album is strongest at. It really does give the vibe of being out at sea searching for a mythical seabeast. The guitar playing is also solid and the drums are solid as well. Just a great song. One of my favorites off the record.

After the very solid, but in my opinion less interesting tracks "Island" and "Iron Tusk" comes track 6 "Magalodon", which is a case where the song name perfectly describes what the song sounds like. The song like a Magalodon is a monster of a song with the drums being my favorite on the entire album. The guitar and bass also lay down some powerful riffs. The song like "Seabeast" has a amazingly intense atmosphere. The vocals are very brutal and go perfectly with the instrumentation. Just give it a listen and I bet your be hooked. Pun not intended.

The next track of note "Aqua Dementia" is another intense and powerful song. The guitar playing is very well played with the opening guitar riff being pretty nutty sounding. The song starts out very fast and almost chaotic and later goes into a slow and intense second half, which leads perfectly into the next song. The drums are also very good, which is to be expected. The vocals are very intense as well. Overall a great song and a highlight from this album.

The album ends with the two tracks "Heart's Alive" and "Joseph Merrick". "Heart's Alive" is probably the albums masterpiece, with it clocking in at a length of 13 minutes. The song is defiantly the albums most intense and slow burning song. With its builds and very well written atmosphere . The instrumental is very well played. With the guitar laying down some very good harmony and heaviness especially by the end of the song. The vocals are also my favorite off the whole album. They really add to the mood and vibe of the song. The song's overall structure is also very impressive . With a length of 13 minutes the song never gets boring, but gets better as the track goes on. Probably my favorite song the whole album. The album ends with the more acoustic sounding instrumental "Joseph Merrick", which is overall a nice and different kind of final track to a otherwise intense and heavy album.

Overall: "Leviathan" is a masterpiece when it comes to modern metal. The album showcases some incredible songwriting and some very technical instrumentation. The albums atmosphere is just one of "Leviathan's" many qualities and I think gives the album its very unique feel. This album is defiantly a sign of great things to come for Mastodon and is also a testament to their talent as a band. I highly recommend this album to anybody who wants to listen to a intense and powerful metal album. It gets my rating of an 9.6/10. One of my favorite albums.

Favorite Tracks: Blood and Thunder, Seabeast, Magalodon, and Aqua Dementia, and Heart's Alive

Least Favorite: Joseph Merrick (If I had to pick one)

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Album Review: Outlandos d'Amour by The Police

The Police is one of the most unique and interesting bands of the late 70's and early 80's. Their music showcases some of the best song-writing in all of popular rock music, Just one listen to songs like "Message in a Bottle", "Every Breath You Take", and "Do Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" and you'll hear what I mean. The music Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland made together had the quality of mixing many different genres at once. Rather it be genres like, Reggae, Punk, Jazz, or straight up rock they always put their own unique stamp on it. Making them one of the most recognizable acts out there. All five of their albums could have been good contenders for a review, but for sake of ease I decided to take a look at their first album "Outlando d'Amour. This album was released in November 11, 1978 on A&M records. Lets begin.

The album starts out with the very energetic track "Next to You". which has one of the most catchy and endearing choruses on the entire album. The drums are really the driving force of this song. Adding a very solid foundation for Andy Summers and Sing to build off of, and trust me they do a fine job. Andy Summers' guitar playing is very well done with mainly palm-muting power chords in the verses adding a very nice touch and the the guitar solo is also very well done. Sting's bass and vocals are solid as well, with the lyrics doing a good job at describing a man who just wants to be next to the girl he like. Great opener.

The next two tracks "So Lonely" and the classic "Roxanne" are also fantastic songs. With "So Lonely's" very chill verses and spectacular chorus and "Roxanne's" very moody verses and iconic chorus. These are just some fantastic songs that have been well loved over the almost 40 years they've been around. If you haven't heard them then go on Youtube or whatever other means and listen to them. These two songs are Police essentials.

The next two tracks are a lot less well known, and they are "Hole in my Life" and one of my favorites off the album "Peanuts". Lets start with "Hole in my Life" The song has a very jazzy feel especially with the guitar playing, which mainly plays two jazz chords for most of the song. The drums and bass like the rest of the album are fantastic. The bass is especially interesting by the end of the track. Sting's vocals also do a good job and the double-tracked vocals add a nice touch. Solid song. The next track "Peanuts" is another very good track. With the lyrics being my personal favorite off the album. I also like how fast the drums and bass are and the guitar playing plays some very interesting chords. The song is just very energetic and is very well performed.

The next track of note is track 7 "Truth Hits Everybody". This song in my opinion is very overlooked and should be known by more people. This song is probably one of their best written songs with the verses and choruses blending well together. Giving the song some good dynamics. The guitar playing is excellent with Andy Summers keeping it simple but powerful and Stewart Copeland playing a very entertaining and interesting drum part. Sting's vocals are some of my favorite from him. His vocals do a good job at serving the songs mood. The song also has one of the only complete non fade-out endings of the album, which is something I highly appreciate. Great song.

Sadly, the next two tracks "Born in the 50's" and "Be my Girl-Sally" are very lackluster. "Born in the 50's" does have some interesting lyrics, but the overall song is just very underwhelming. Sting does a good job at singing, but it almost seems like he's trying too hard. He over sings the song in my opinion. The instrumental is very good as usual, but doesn't have any overly interesting moments. "Born in the 50's" is just a okay song in my opinion. The track "Be my Girl-Sally" is a different thing though. The song begins with a very Tom Petty esque musical part, which I like, but then after a sudden change it goes into a spoken word bit. Now, this isn't a problem in it of its self, but the spoken word that is being said is very off putting and kinda ruins the song for me. I felt like it should have just been a b-side or a different kinda song. The song is very skippable in my opinion.

Thankfully, the album come back with the final track "Masoko Tanga". This song was a surprise for me when I finally sat down listed to the entire album for this review. This song was a stand out track for me. The song's groove is absolutely fantastic and the double-tracked bass is mind blowing. The drums do a good job at laying down a good groove and Sting's vocals do their job. The song might seem a little long at first, but after a couple of listens its feel and sound will pull you in and will keep you in. This song was a very good way to end this album. Especially after the two lackluster tracks before it. Give the song a listen I doubt you'll regret it.

Overall: The Police's debut effort is very well done. With some fantastic drumming by Stewart Copeland, great guitar by Andy Summers, and some solid bass and vocal performances by Sting. This album also shows a lot of potential for what would become their later sound and has some of their most catchy and accessible songs. Even if some of them have very repetitive ending and of course the very mediocre songs near the end of the album. This album is defiantly a good stepping stone for greater things to come and is also a very good album. I give it my rating of a 8.6/10. I think their music gets better with their later albums, but give this album a listen though. Its worth the listen.

Favorite Tracks: Next to You, Roxanne, Peanuts, Truth Hits Everybody, and Masoko Tanga

Least Favorite: Born in the 50's and Be my Girl-Sally

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Short Review The Mars Volta "Deloused in the Comatorium

The Mars Volta's debut album Deloused in the Comatorium, was released back in 2003, on Universal Records.

The Good

The albums sound can definitely be described has being futuristic prog. With the help of the sound effects done by "Jeremy Michael Ward" Really help give the album it's very futuristic feeling, and a very unique sound. Also with the help of some very hectic Musicianship really help give the album it's very progressive feeling, and again, a very unique sound. Also along with the great musicianship, the album has some fantastic vocal performances. By "Cedric Bixler Zavala" witch really help give the album a great sense of epicness. With some of the best examples of the that epicness, are with the tracks "Inertiatic Esp" "Roulette Dares" and my personal favorite "Eriatarka". Witch are three tracks that have fantastic chorus's, and some very memorable moments.

The Bad

The middle portion of the track "Cicatriz esp". Is very boring, and really slows down the album. But besides that, the song overall is still really good.

The Verdict

Deloused in the Comatorium is definitely a album you should check out. If your a fan of any experimental music or just music in general, and overall. The album just does it for me. 9.5/10


Short Review The Pixies "Come On Pilgrim"

Come On Pilgrim is The Pixies debut EP released in September 1987, on 4AD.

The Good

Since, we are dealing with one of the greats of Alternative Rock we should expect some quality music, and thankfully Come On Pilgrim delivers. Songs like "Caribou" "Vamos" and "Holiday Song" are in my opinion Pixies "Classics", and are songs that showed what's to come. With albums like Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, also like those albums. Come On Pilgrim has some fantastic vocal performances by "Francis Black" and some great backup vocals by "Kim Deal". Also like any other Pixies release, Come On Pilgrim has some of the best Alt Rock Guitar, Drums, and Bass around. Also on this album are some at times funny, and at some times plain weird Lyrics, witch help make The Pixies sound. Witch in my opinion, can only be described has magic.

The Bad

Some of the chorus's aren't has strong has others, but besides that. The EP is great, but not perfect.

The Verdict

Come On Pilgrim is a great first release by The Pixies, and a great EP. 8.5/10


Short Review Weezer "Hurley" Redo

Welcome to my new segment “Short Review” where I the reviewer review a old or new album in a brief fashion. Today's album will be, Weezer's Hurley Released in 2010. Hope you enjoy

The Good

First off this album is probably Weezer's best album since Maladroit, and if it isn't. Then it's better then Raditude, but really any thing at this point would be better, then Raditude. Okay let's talk about Hurley. This album starts with the first single off the album "Memories" witch for a single and a first track, it's pretty good. The song gave me some hope that Weezer someday might make a great album again, but i won't get my hopes up. Track 4 "Unspoken" is a really good balled of some sorts and has pretty awesome flutes. Also the song is probably the first Weezer song to have acoustic guitar in a while. Also the vocal harmonies are great. This album for the most part has some decent instrumentation and the vocal performance's. Are pretty good through out the album.

The Bad

Hurley might have some good things going for it, but for the most part this album fails at being a good album. While tracks like "Memories" "Unspoken" and "Run Away" might give me hope. Songs like, "Where's My Sex?" and "Smart Girls" are the reason why most people don't like newer Weezer, and the reason why am not a fan of this album. First off the production on this album for the most part is overproduced with the exception of "Unspoken" and "Time Flies" Which are more acoustic tracks, but there's just to many tracks. That sound like "Trainwrecks" for me to say other wise. Also the lyrics on Hurley are mainly bad, and can be very cheesy. Come on you can't tell me a song with the title, "Where's My Sex?" is gonna have any dope lines in it

The Verdict

Hurley has some good songs, but most of them are mediocre and some are just bad. Hurley in some spots does call back to the old days, but just doesn't succeed on being a good album. 4.5/10

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Album Review "Yes' Fragile"

Do you like this album cover? I do

Fragile is often considered one of the best progressive Rock albums of all time. With other albums like, King Crimson's In The Court Of The Crimson King, Rush's 2112, and Genesis's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

Fragile does a great job of mixing Prog Rock with Hard Rock, and with a little bit of classical. To make this said “Classic” is one of the greatest musical achievements of the 1970s. Fragile starts with Yes's most played song, “Roundabout” which starts out with one of the most famous guitar openings of it's time and has one of Yes's most catchy chorus's. The song is followed up with the song titled, “Cans And Brahms” witch is a keyboard or Electric Piano. Version of a classical song made by “Johannes Brahms”. “Cans And Brahms” is followed up with the song “We Have Heaven” witch like, “Cans And Brahms” is only a minute long, but it is still a good song. “We Have Heaven” is followed up with, the 8 minute long “South Side Of The Sun”. This song has one of the most aggressive chorus's on the album. And like most of the album, has some great instrumentation. “South Side Of The Sun” is followed up with the 35 second long, “Five Per Cent For Nothing” witch is so short I cant really even talk about it. Track 6 “Long Distance Runaround” is not one of my favorites off the album, but does it's job, and the songs job is to be, a diversion from tracks like “Roundabout” and “South Side Of The Sun”. Track 7 is, “The Fish [Shindleria Praematurus]” is just the outro of “Long Distance Runaround” but still a really good song. Track 8, “Mood For The Day” is one of my favorite songs of the album. And It's a song that shows “Steve Howe's classical influence and just overall genius. The final track, “Heart Of The Sunrise” is my favorite song off Fragile, and one of my favorite Yes songs. Why you might ask? Well,

I suggest you listen to the song, and I think you understand why. The song's chorus is the most powerful chorus on the album, and has one the best instrumentals on the album. The song is also a great closing track to this “Masterpiece” of and album.

In closing, Fragile did what it needed to do. Witch was to make a album that would further help Yes become one of the most respected prog bands of the 60s and 70s, and to make a album that would be remembered and loved for has long has music exists. 9.5/10

Roundabout 9.5/10

Cans And Brahms 9.0/10

We Have Heaven 9.0/10

South Side Of The Sun 9.5/10

Five Per Cent For Nothing 7.0/10

Long Distance Runaround 8.0/10

The Fish 8.5/10

Mood For The Day 9.5/10

Heart Of The Sunrise 9.5/10

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Album Review "Green Day's Dookie"

When i listen to "Dookie" i feel very sad, not because the album after "Dookie sucked. In fact it was pretty darn good, no really darn good. Not has good, but good in it's own right. Not even the album released after "Dookies" follow up, was bad. "Nimrod" was a very good effort. That proved that "Green Day" isn't a one trick pony, Isn't some band that was decent at one thing. Which that one thing is "Pop Punk" the album released after "Nimrod was "Warning" a much slower album, that when it was released in 2000. Most likely turned fans off, I can't say that, "Warning" is a good or bad album. [Mainly because i haven't listed to it], but what I can say is. AMERICAN IDIOT IS THE ENDING POINT FOR THIS BAND. sorry about that, had a bit to many steroids today, but let's continue on my opinion. On this soul called "Modern Masterpiece", now am a man that tries to respect every body's opinion, but you cant tell me. That, "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown" are better then a actual, "Masterpiece" "Dookie". Which was released in 1994. on "Reprise Records" and was Produced by "Rob Cavallo". Now let's get in to "Dookie" [Which Like most people it's one of my favorite albums]. The first thing I want to say is, holy crap balls. The first track "Burnout" is one of my favorite first tracks on any album, and for me that's saying something. Basically most tracks on this album are great [With the exceptions of " Sassafras Roots" and "Emenius Sleepus"]. Which are only very good songs, but that doesn't stop "Dookie" from being a great album."Dookie" like really no other, "Pop Punk" album does the impossible, and isn't complete, and other garbage [JK]. I think the band besides "Green day" every body thinks about when they think "Pop Punk", is "Blink 182" [Which am not a fan of], but they are. The closest it gets to being a good, "Pop Punk" band besides, "Green Day" [Unless you consider early "Offspring" stuff "Pop Punk"] Now let's go back to, "Dookie". Now you can't have a album full of great songs, unless you have some great performances, and "Dookie" is no exception. With some of the most recognizable guitar riffs of the 90s, and with a great rhythm section. Make this a album that's full of great performances, and some catchy instrumentation. Another thing that's catchy about this album are the chorus's, some of these chorus's are some of. the most recognizable chorus's of the 90s. With songs like, "Welcome To Paradise" "Longview" " Basket Case" and "When I Come Around" which have been radio staples since this album was released, [and that's a good thing]. Really though some of the best songs on "Dookie" aren't the hits, that everybody knows. there the songs like, "Pulling Teeth" "She" and "F.O.D.". That are only just some of "Dookies" highlights. I cant really say "Dookie" has any "bad moments", because it is obvious. That "Dookie" was a labor of love for "Green Day", and even though albums like "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown". Might be, "Labors of love", they don't come close. To matching the ingeniousness of the early albums. That make those albums, "Masterpieces". And make, "Dookie" one of the greatest albums of all time. 9.5/10


Album Review "Weezer's Maladroit"

"Weezer's" fourth album "Maladroit" is a often overlooked album, that I think people who are fans of "Weezer" really need to give a second chance. Now let's start with talking a little bit about, the album preceding this one "The Green Album." Which had more of a pop rock sound, while the album preceding "The Green Album" "Pinkerton" had more of a "low fi sound. That more resembled bands like "Pavement". The "Green Album" also was a lot more repetitive, then the albums before it. Which makes it my least favorite, out of the first three albums, which are considered the only great, "Weezer albums" [Which I disagree with] Okay now let's talk about "Maladroit" released in May 14, 2002. Now from the start of this album, with the track "American Gigolo" You can hear a more "Hard Rock" influence, that the band leading up to this point really didn't have, and really didn't continue. Which i can understand since, "Weezer is considered more has a "Pop Rock" band. I think if they stuck to the"Pop Hard Rock?" idea that was on this album, and improved it. Maybe the albums after "Maladroit" would be better. Because the albums after this [With the exception of a few tracks] really fell off. Which makes me wonder why, so many people think this album is where the "Crap starts". I think "Make Believe" is where the "Crap starts" which in comparison with "Maladroit" "Make Believe is a far worse album. Now don't get me wrong, not all the tracks on this album are, "Winners" tracks like, "Space Rock" and "Love explosion" are good songs, but just don't do it for me. Like tracks like "American Gigolo" "Dope Nose" and " burndt Jamb" do. Now let's talk about the production, a lot of fans of the old stuff will say stuff like, "It sounds like the guitar was busting all kindz of nuts in my ears" "It sounds like a baby fisted a donky" and "MY EFFING EARS", but in all seriousness. the production does sound a little overproduced, but at the time the when, "The Blue album" was released, people where most likely saying that, the album was "Overproduced." Another thing I what to talk about a little bit, before I cap this review. Is the lyrics, now the lyrics are not terrible, but they aren't great. Now keep in mine am no lyrics expert, but i think the lyrics on this album aren't that good. Now keep in mind, before, "The Green Album" there where great lyrics on "Pinkerton" , but once, "The Green Album" came out the Lyrics went down hill, and this album at most points is no exception. This album does share the very simplistic lyrics of "The Green Album", but at some points does have some pretty out there lyrics. Despite some my complaints, this album does succeed on being a great album, but there's to many small problems.That are keeping me from giving this album, the same love and respect I have for the first two albums. I'm going to give this album a 8.0/10

Keep in mind, this is my first review, so sorry if it's not in the best quality.