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And now Sega has announced that the DLC will be available for everyone after release, so crisis adverted?

That said, I know Patrick is experimenting with different article types, but I'd like to say one thing. Please avoid "Twitter reacts to stuffs" articles. This one used it as kind of a cool window into "what it does to players" so it works, but that's one thing I don't like that Kotaku does regularly. Twitter copy pasta just doesn't bring the same punch as a well thought out article, and it feels more like a cop out "Ehhh, I'll just toss this up and get back to playing (insert game here)". But, I like the writeup either way.

he has 3 twitter pulls, kotaku rolls with dozens, i'd say patrick pulls some representative reactions instead of spamming them.

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I would say Assault on Precinct 13 would make a pretty good video game, one of my favorite movies of his too

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That's a lot of words to say "It's like Steam"

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I can't convince the PerfectWorld website to let me create an account :(

EDIT: I launched the client I DLed through steam and it opened a different registration page there, and that worked properly

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I have used the Saints Row The Third ringtone previously (from here)

Codec and Alert from MGS as well. mostly for text alerts, codec is too much as a repeated ringtone

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Anybody else miss the gender ones all the time? If the picture matches, not sure why I have to question it...

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Man, I don't know if I could handle actually playing Tex Murphy again... my rose tinted glasses... nooo

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I hate to be cynical, but smells a little like Bohemia trying to keep their noses clean. Disavowing all knowledge, etc CIA-style

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@Ubersmake said:

In my early attempts to get a plane to the Mun, this was the ultimate result of my "more rockets" design philosophy.

To its credit, it did technically get off the runway (before tilting backwards and meeting the ground again).

I gotta ask, were the wings bent like that in the design phase?

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@WolfmanJenkins said:

I'm absolutely enamored with pizza and while I would not reject a deep dish pizza if I was offered one, I have to admit deep dish pizza is in the lower tier of pizzas.


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