Arcania First Impressions

This is mainly for the quest :D 
But still... a small summary of my first impressions on newest Gothic game called Arcania. The entire post can be read here. (It is in Bulgarian, I am affraid :) ) 
After the first island, which I presume, won't be replayable, I can say that I neither love nor hate the game. It is still too early for me to say. But the overall feel is too hack 'n' slash for me. Starting from the overall interface (the bars with stamins, health and mana; the quick item access slots), the battle system, the skill system - everything seems more simple, more action orientated, more... easy. It seems that the developers have made it easier for bigger circle of players. There are still some things that make it a little bit different that the pure hack n slash action game (like the recovery after a few hits) but...  
Also the first island was not an open world at all and there was nothing to do there but to follow the main quest. But I still have to get to the main land... so this is not an issue yet. I am sure that the main land will be as open as can ever be :D  
After a week or so I will know more and will be able to say more about the game. At the moment all is on a scale...and it is in the middle. You still can tell which side will win :)