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Hi, big fighting game fan, mostly soul caliber 4 as  MK vs DC kinda blew. Was doa4 til i sold my 360. but play all of them except street fighter, ugh. more a 3d fighter here.  Love survival horror, siren, resident evil, dead space, silent hill. Tomb raider, god of war, devil may cry, adventures, action rpg's(dark cloud 3 where r you?), pretty much everything except turn -based rpgs, strategy, sports(minus doa xtreme part 1, 2 sucked) and i despise first person shooters. tried to like them but i just hate the view. Plus how the hell can you care about your character if you cant see them?  Sold my 360 recently because i hate fps and im tired of waiting for  killer instinct 3 and alan wake.  I have a 60 gig and love to play psone games. especially tomb raider. im not a fanboy, as i love all consoles, well except for 360, but i loved the original xbox. so many different genres on there before the 360 catered to fps. But it comes down to games and Playstation has most of the genres i love. But my all time fave game is Zelda ocarina of time. what a masterpiece. So was twilight princess and wind waker.