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I consider myself to be a seasoned gamer with a critical mind. At one point I owned and operated a little site that did reviews for videogames, partly to test out some webdesign tricks I was learning and partly because I like to write.
I prefer RPGs over all other genres and I make a special distinction to JRPGs while I also enjoy but on a lesser level of enthusiasm. I'm a huge Fallout and Elder Scrolls fan, I love ME1&2, but despite some of my more eclectic tastes I'm also a Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest fan (however I have yet to play and never plan to play, FFXIII, because it's quite simply a POS). While not a big fan of the FPS genre two of my all-time favorite games are Bioshock and Borderlands. Bioshock was an amazing game not because of it's gameplay, which was pretty typical of the feel you get from shooters even with the plasmid's there to distract from the often unsatisfying feel of the weapons, but because the story in Bioshock was brilliant. The dialogue was engaging, the story was unique and genuinely surprising, and above all was the character of Rapture that made the whole game so incredibly immersive that I didn't want it to end. Borderlands is also up there because it's just plain fun; good ol' satisfying shooting with funny dialogue and a brilliant art direction.
Some of my other favorites, including some guilty pleasures: Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, FF7-9, FFT: Advance, FFXI Online, Portal, HL2, God of War, DMC1+3-4 (fuck DMC2), Torchlight, Zone of the Enders,
At the present I'm quite eager to get my hands on New Vegas, Fable 3, Bioshock; infinite, GuildWars2, TERA Online, Majin and the Forsaken kingdom, Bring, BulletStorm, and several others but that's good enough for now.