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Awesome, can't wait for this!

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Not going to lie, I'm pretty sure they'll get at least $500 from me if the reward is good enough.

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I don't think so. The Elder Scrolls games aren't really about personal character development on that level, the character development comes from the supporting cast.

A side quest in which you perhaps set up a romance for other characters seems far more likely.

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Enjoyed it a lot, everything had a good feel to it. Occasionally the Kinect didn't react, but that's only because I was slightly off center because I was too lazy to move things. Sitting down was also greatly appreciated.

Given it is a budget title, I'm going to pick it up.

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Played a solid hour and I'm enjoying it well enough. It isn't the flashiest game, but what it does it does well enough.

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Thanks for the help.

Oh, 360 gamertag: Superharman.

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@chiefmegadeth: Does my billing location matter when entering my payment details? Can I still enter an Australian address for billing details while maintaining this British account or should I attempt to get my hands on some points cards?

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I really like the way Cyrax plays.

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Got my copy last Wednesday and have been loving it. Amazing game although I'm bummed at not being able to access DLC. If I create an overseas account and get the stuff, will it show up on my main profile?

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Because I am so interested in the sequel I'll be picking this up on Games on Demand when I can justify the cash. I was actually quite surprised at the solid review scores when I looked it up the other day given the generally negative comments being made about it recently. Looking forward to going through it and it is good to know it really connected with people.