Sonic the Hedgehog games worth playing

For a long period of time, Sonic the Hedgehog games were complete shit. After the rocky but enjoyable start with Sonic Adventure the blue blur's 3D outings each got progressively worse, until eventually most people swore off the franchise for good. The terribleness of the franchise peeked with the abomination Sonic the Hedgehog (usually referred to by fans as Sonic 2006 to differentiate it from the Genesis title of the same name. Since then the quality of the main titles has been steadily increasing, starting with the quarter-good Sonic Unleashed, to the entirely decent Sonic Colors, to the finally good Sonic Generations.

A lot of people have different opinions on which Sonic games are worth playing, so out of boredom I decided I'd make a list of mine.


EDIT: For whatever reason you can't have line breaks in the descriptions next to things in a list, so enjoy walls of text.

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