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My User Icon is from Penny Arcade's Alliday Blamimation. http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/blamimations/117/
My Background is a animated GIF from 7clams.org. http://img.7clams.org/7/src/129127337699.gif
My Picture is from Dragon Age character creation uploaded to my Bioware profile then saved. http://social.bioware.com/home.php?
I enjoy video games in all forms, even the painful ones. I am a patron of LP's or Let's Plays for those of you who don't know is a playthrough of a game with running commentary overlapping. I'm particularly fond of the following LPers : GrimithR, JefMajor, Veriax, SideWaysThinker, Kikoskia, mynameisnotlilly, HughDawson, DSP, and HCBailey. I also enjoy InecomCompany for retro game reviews. All of the previous are on YouTube for you gratification.