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Fuck. This sucks. ...This really sucks. I hate this so much. I've never even met the man and I feel so terribly sad to hear the news. I wish I knew him because I loved the shit out of every piece of content I've seen involving Ryan. He seemed like such an awesome guy to be around, and I bet he was. ...God damn it. I hate talking about this in the past tense. It's so hard imagining this world without you... we're all going to miss you so much. Fuck... Ryan Davis, you were the best, and will be missed by more people than you'd know. I'm so sorry, Anna. I'm sure it doesn't mean much coming from a nobody like myself, but my condolences go out to you and Ryan's families. Things will never be the same....

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Great to hear that you'll still be around, Dave. Godspeed.

Welcome [back], Rorie.

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Oh my. This is fantastic.

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I love the fact that Klepek mentioned IWBTG:G. Made my day. :)

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God damn it.

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I love how they said "smart phone" and not "iPhone." Good on them. ...And screw the quote pyramid.

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I thought the MMO was their second game.

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Just hit level 21 and I'm doing quite alright with this. Revenge + Vengeance Is Mine rune allows me to pretty much get in the middle of any mob and hack away, and if I ever really need to get out, I just hop out with Leap. Still just on normal though, of course. :P

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Life support systems failing....