Rain confirmed for MK9


In a move that no one could be THAT surprised about, Netherrealms confirmed Rain as the 3rd downloadable fighter for MK9. What do you think of this news? Who could the 4th fighter be (please be Bo Rai Cho, please be Bo Rai Cho...) ?


Joytech Paewang Revolution joystick

So as I was perusing the web, I stumbled upon a stream of MK player EMP Tom Brady and he mentioned a site called etokki.com. Short story shorter, on the front of the etokki page there was an ad for the Joytech Paewang Revolution, which is a fightstick that natively can be played on either 360, PS3 or PC. Has anyone actually used one of these things, because for the price (55$), it seems like it could be too good to be true. 



After ponying up and getting the deal on the gameshark store where I could get a TE fightstick round 2 for 99.99 instead of 150 (also with free shipping), I did the usual; check the fedex link every hour or so to see when my new fightstick would be showing up.  Well long story short, it ended up coming to my apartment the one day that I was away during the 15 minutes that I was gone to go pick up a friend... I had nothing to do that afternoon after my class, so I decided, what the hell, I will just bike over to the fedex ground after my class. Well... turns out that the fed ex ground was 7 miles away, which led to a More than fun bike ride, in which i had to leave my bike at a random ass bus stop so that I could carry the stick home...


In a way it's strange: A Blog about a Quest

Today marked the last day that I had for the Super Sup Check... I think that if I recall correctly, I have had it reset 3 or 4 times on me, and I always seemed to come back, trying to get it out of the way, that quest being my Apple in the Garden of Eden.  No matter how much I wanted to be done with it, there was part of me that would just start it up again Right after... And when that Quest Complete sign popped up in the corner, at first I breathed a sigh of relief; I had finally beaten the monster!  But each time that I come back to the site, it has become almost reflex to post some random status, and not having to do that has in a way left me empty... Anyways, that was just a little something I wanted to get off my chest! 


Modding a TE Stick

So, I ordered the parts to my TE stick so that I will be able to mod out the buttons and the ball top... I was wondering if you all, the fans, thought that it would work if instead of ordering customized TE art from a website, if I just took the default art off, spraypainted the metal, then got a plexi cover to put over it...

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