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As I am a stupid Star Wars fanboy, and my old 1-gen xbox was about to die I got one. Its actually quite nice, looks somewhat stupid in my living room. But I was shocked at how little noise the slims make when comparing it to my 1-gen.

And the nuclear powerbrick is way less warm. All in all, glad I waited so long to convert from my 1-gen

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@SamFo: Not sure tbh, as I've had my CC information on the xbox since I started using it 4 years ago-ish. Nothing happened until I tried playing the Ultimate Team stuff. Might be a coincidence though, still. Never had issues before so I'll stay away from it at least!

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Thinking about picking up Shadows of the Damned when I get my account back. As for Alice: Madness Returns I've only seen my girlfriend play it but its like a crazy acid-trip mixed with steam-punk and goth stuff, seems like a decent enough platformer though.

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@jakob187: Haha sorry to disappoint you there. It would be much more entertaining if that was the fact. I finally managed to check out the "billing" section of the MS site, as my old email is somehow still connected there, just not with the account. They only got the 2000 points plus the 90 I had. And they transfer'ed it away right now, so at least I hope I can get my account back. Calling them ASAP tomorrow when I get home from work.


I will probably continue to use my xbox for games, as it seems EA is to blame for this and not microsoft directly. though I will never ever store my info on the xbox or use anything besides point cards from now on.

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@Jrad said:

@Worthy said:

3-7days without a card is crazy shit!

Do people really depend on their credit cards that much?... I use mine once in a blue moon for the occasional Amazon purchase.

Its so much better then carrying cash around. And I use it for almost every purchase I make everyday since I hate dragging coins around. (Norway and their heavy coins :( )

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@JJOR64 said:

@Worthy: Contact Microsoft immediately.

Aye, did so. The kind support-person referred me to call them. Problem is that they are not open here in Norway on Sundays, so I got to wait until after work/at break tomorrow to contact them. I dont really care much for the 2000 points, I am just hoping I can get the damn account back.

Funny thing, was kinda shrugging my shoulder at the Fifa12 issue, thinking it had to be keylogging etc. But it seems its nothing like that at all. my paypal account is not touched nor is any other account I have on the internet.

But there really seem to be a security-hole/breach with the Fifa Ultimate Team thing.

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I have never in my whole 24 years been hacked or scammed. But I finally had to bite the dust.

Today I noticed that someone bought 2000 points randomly on my account while I was not even near the xbox. Tried to log on to XBL and the account was not connected to my liveID anymore so it promted me to get a new tag!

I hope that the 2000 points where all they manage to get and I hope even more that I can get my old account back. Would suck to buy all the DLC etc again. The worst part is actually having to cancel my CC and get a new one. 3-7days without a card is crazy shit!

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I shall message you for an invite.

Verdige on XBL :o

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I am in: 
BF3 name: Verdige
From: EU

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Clearly he has no grasp of anything close to a reality. Its sad that people like him feel the need to troll issues like this, GB should remove him from this site tbh.