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This game is extremely addicting. I'm playing it on the vita though. The touchscreen warping on the overhead levels makes a big difference. The music is so damn good.

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Loved it. The guy who directed Oblivion did this commercial, loved that movie so I suppose that explains my affection for it. Why so much Destiny hate lately? It's not even out yet.

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The first Bioshock really stood out in my mind for this. It just felt like it would never end plus being in that confined environment. Just wore me down to the point of saying screw this.

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@themanwithnoplan: the crazy thing is that he said it happened while him and his roommate were home sleeping. Woke up and the window was wide open, on the third floor!

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I'm good to go with my Vita and ps3, not with the ps4 though. With scheduled maintenance set for tomorrow I'm wondering how they are going to handle this issue rolling into that.

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@quid_pro_bono: no this is good, let these jack offs dig that hole even deeper.

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Gotta tell you, not sure if I've seen everything I'm supposed to see but this "game" is messing me up. Chills, high anxiety, goosebumps. Every time I start to turn I wince. Not sure I can handle a full game of this type.

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Now that I've got a good feel for what Dan is all about I love him. All of the ball busting on the podcast is done in jest yes? Because they were really ganging up on him. A breath of fresh country air in comparison to the snooty San Fran air the rest of these guys are huffing. Don't change Dan!

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While I didn't expect it this would have been the only way I'd get this again. Oh well.

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Aww shit! This could be fun!