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Gotta tell you, not sure if I've seen everything I'm supposed to see but this "game" is messing me up. Chills, high anxiety, goosebumps. Every time I start to turn I wince. Not sure I can handle a full game of this type.

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Now that I've got a good feel for what Dan is all about I love him. All of the ball busting on the podcast is done in jest yes? Because they were really ganging up on him. A breath of fresh country air in comparison to the snooty San Fran air the rest of these guys are huffing. Don't change Dan!

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While I didn't expect it this would have been the only way I'd get this again. Oh well.

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Aww shit! This could be fun!

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Still remember feeling my heart drop out when I read the news on twitter last year. We really miss you wherever you are duder.

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Mortal Kombat on the Game Gear.

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Whoever is best for the job should be hired. If Jeff thinks it's these folks then so be it! Trust in the Gerst!

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No clue who they are but Okaeri!

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X-Men DOFP On a 10 scale it's a 9.5. That movie had me from beginning to end.

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Oh for fucks sake.