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The best! This man has rejuvenated the site and the crew. What a guy!

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So over the top that I laughed. Clearly going for shock value. No big deal.

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I like Destiny but that was brutal. No thank you. Congrats to them though.

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Why even jump into the fire? Wish they stayed out of the drug discussion in the last BC as well. Can we keep this site light and fun please.

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@slumberpunch: I agree with you but people will call us crazy. Where was the clarity for at least 6 hours from when this whole issue arose? Twitter was lighting up about what was going on, no clear answer until the middle of the night. Shady shenanigans I say.

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It could be the jaded side of me but average reviews make me feel like they are squeezing every possible sale out of this that they can. Store has been updated and nothing yet.

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This game is extremely addicting. I'm playing it on the vita though. The touchscreen warping on the overhead levels makes a big difference. The music is so damn good.

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Loved it. The guy who directed Oblivion did this commercial, loved that movie so I suppose that explains my affection for it. Why so much Destiny hate lately? It's not even out yet.

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The first Bioshock really stood out in my mind for this. It just felt like it would never end plus being in that confined environment. Just wore me down to the point of saying screw this.