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Hi I would love to get an invite! I have been listening to the Bombcast for a few years now! My favorite bombcast moments are probably Shix and Jaffe from E3. I can't wait for Sheven!


Turkey Turkey Turkey!!!

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Watching the pax panel and trying to laugh as much as possible so I don't tear up....

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I want to hug everyone. I promise if I see anyone with a giant bomb shirt at comic con you get a hug. Sorry Ryan for being too serious, you have brought us all together.

It's Tuesday Ryan. Your day. Our day. We miss you so much. GB Crew I love you all. We will always have each other. We will all miss him.

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@jorren: I think that is awesome!

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I loved Ryan Davis. He touched me in so many ways. If he was still here he would make a joke about that last sentence. I have had Ryan Davis in my life for years, and yet I have never met him in person. All the hours of videos and podcasts that shaped my week and exercise schedule gave me an opportunity to get to know a man who encouraged me to be the person I have become. Ryan demanded that we hold standards to the media we consume, but we don't take ourselves to seriously. Ryan taught me to enjoy art that taught me something, even if it was a fart joke. I will forever be in Ryan's debt for this. Ryan and Jeff have brought us into their lives, and introduced us to amazing people that love and make games. Thank you Giant Bomb for giving us a home. The fact that I share moments like Team Brad with all of you is a testament to Ryan's legacy. What an beautiful legacy. Thank you Ryan, and sorry for the shitty, sappy rant. We all loved you. Jeff, Patrick, Brad, Vinny, Drew, Alex, and all the rest of Giant Bomb and CBSi - We love you and thank you for helping us enjoy the company of Ryan Davis. He is gone, but we are all his legacy. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for giving us a home.

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Just signed up - looking forward to joining!