ferginator4k's Quake III: Arena (PC) review

Pure Multiplayer Madness-

Quake 3 is The Grandfather of todays popular Shooters, all your Halos, Call of Dutys and Counter Strikes would never have happened if Quake 3 was never made, and on top of all that gaming signifigance the game is totally awesome!

The Gameplay in Quake 3 is A Shooter at its Purest it features 9 Unique and Perfectly Balanced Weapons as well as 4 Game Modes that have become standard in Todays Shooters, the game is very fasted pace and requires a lot of Shooter 'Twitch'.
The Game Features a Huge Variety of Maps Which are Very Well Designed and unlike normal FPS games dynamically Change the game.

The AI in Quake 3 Is Also a Strongpoint with it challenging you right off the bat, especially if you're not used to Faster Paced Shooters, the AI can also be customized to One of Five Difficulty Standards and each one will unlock new Techniques for The AI to use, such as Rocket Jumping.

The Graphics of Quake 3 may seem Primitive at first but they Truly were revolutionary for the time and they are strongly compimented by a very strong soundtrack.
 One of Quake 3's Major Draws is its Multiplayer Which is Still Popular Even Today, the AI may be strong but nothing will ever truly compare to another Human Opponent.
The Game also features a Single Player Mode that Lets you Hone your Skills in AI matches, if you so Wish.

Quake 3 is an Amazing example of a shooter that is quite Simply Pure Fun.

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