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Rage demons are filled with burning... rage.
The most common and weakest form of demon, they are much like perpetually boiling kettles, for they exist only to vent hatred.  A thing of pure fire, its body seemingly made of amorphous lava and its eyes of two pinpricks of baleful light radiating from its core.  The abilities of such a demon center on the fire it generates.  It burns those who come near, and the most powerful of its kind are able to lash out with bolts of fire and even firestorms that can affect entire areas.

Fortunately, even powerful rage demons are less intelligent than most other varieties.  Their tactics are simple: attack an enemy on sight with as much force as possible until it perishes.  Some rage demons carry over their heat-based abilities into possessed hosts, but otherwise the true form is mostly seen outside of the Fade when it is specifically summoned by a mage to do his bidding. 
Notable Rage demons: 
  • Spirit of Rage – First seen in the during The Harrowing, he is slain by the soon-to-be Warden, however he is powerful enough to still live on in the fade.

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