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All aboard for the future of gaming !!!!!!!

Railroad tycoon 2 review :

Personal thoughts on the past :

When I first looked upon what would be the first game I would ever own I was clearly impressed . The graphics amazed me and the gameplay looked solid , fun and epic . Boy it's been a while since 1998 .

I actually first saw the game in a pc magazine . Back then the PS1 was king and the 360 and PS3 were way off . I thought to myself , being a train nut at a time , man I really need to get this game . So I saved up the money for it ( british so the equivelant of 10 dollers ) , went in to my local game store and purchased it ,along with Sim city but thats another story .

Back then it was a joy to play . A real masterpeice in my eyes . I didn't know at that point that the guy who made it was sid meire so I just reffered to it as pop top studios game . I never could quite get the hand of manging the stock and money in the game and I couldn't actually start a sucessful company . But I really loved the graphics in all of their 2d glory an the game gave me the freedom that i wanted to just mess around with train tracks and build railroads up impossibly steep terrain and watch locomotives with very little power take more than a hour to reach the top ( yer I was wierd back then ) . It was so cool and gave me a real urge to go out and start playing more .

The actual review :

Playing this game now is nostalgic . It's basiclly a simulation of a railroad empire expanding into  underveloped countries , linking towns and cities and getting a stack load of money . I have to say now it's lost some of it's open world appeal . The enviroments are extremely basic . There is hardly any alterations in the structures of towns so there is not much insentive to link them all up other than to watch a train travel from one end of africa to the other . yay . Also the entire map is based on sattelite imagery so you could expect them to depict the towns from that same view as well but no . YEAH IV'E GOT A BIG THING ABOUT THE TOWNS !!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH. So really when I go back to play the game now it's mainly to try and get golds in all of the scearios and campaign missions and that's a shame because I really liked the game back then so I should like it all now . I think it's the fact I've lost my passion for trains and my love and respect for this game has really faded away .

I have to say though that in the end none of this really matters because when it comes down to it it doesn't really matter what I think of it now . It served it's entertainment purpose back then , all those years ago an I can still remember how much fun I Had with it and in the end isn't that the whole point of a videogame . That you enjoy your time with it and it gives you some proper millege . Thats why im giving it four and a half because it trully entertains me looking back on it now and it reminds me where I joined the game train lololololol I MADE A CRAPPY JOKE !!!!!!!!!

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