3DS Version?

#1 Posted by unclejohn0525 (390 posts) -

How do you guys think it will be? I've been holding out on buying it for the consoles because I would love to have a good handheld version of it, but with Rayman's track record on Nintendo handhelds, I'm weary of how it will turn out. It doesn't help that it hasn't been shown at all, and it's coming out in just a few days. I'm not sure if the Vita version was kept under wraps like this, but I wonder if the 3DS version will turn out as well as that did.

#2 Posted by DeF (5209 posts) -

wait that's still not out? damn...

#3 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

That game absolutely deserves to be played on a big screen in my opinion. Wouldn't take the risk of playing it first on a 3DS.

#4 Posted by BasketSnake (1424 posts) -

I'm still looking for 3DS news.

#5 Posted by liako21 (550 posts) -

is this thing coming out for the 3ds in NA? i think the demo comes out in Europe on the 17th on the eShop. Could be wrong.

#6 Posted by Neezie (150 posts) -

The demo just came out on the NA eShop. It kind of sucks. It barely looked 3D, the graphics were very blurry with and without 3D on, and it made my eyes kill after a few minutes (and I can take hours of 3D).

#7 Posted by liako21 (550 posts) -

kind of sad how this didnt translate well on the 3ds. Yes, the screen is smaller than the vita, but i did not expect it to look that shitty. Also it doesnt play well either the controls feel really loose.

#8 Posted by Mr_Misery (301 posts) -

Just tried the 3DS demo and I second it looking like blurry shit. I had fun with the Legends demo at a Wii U kiosk and was gonna play this since I never got around to it. I guess I'll play the PS3 version.

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