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An action packed realistic war experience that rewards patience. 1

Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45(RO) is a complex and challenging FPS game that manages to create a slight barrier for entry to players not used to realistic open war games while still being great at the same time. While many players still enjoy Rainbow Six with it's great realism, that doesn't guarantee they'll enjoy an open warfare game based on realism. Things become much more chaotic with the presence of machine guns, tanks, artillery, anti-tank guns and well hidden snipers sprawled out across a...

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Realism at its finest. 0

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is a World War II shooter and you may think "Ah crap! Not another World War II shooter!!!" or "Call of Duty 1 and 2 are wayyyyyy better!!!". But the game puts a twist compared to the sea of never-ending WWII games. Which is the realism in the game, and it is a definitely nails many aspects of realism so well it actually turns out to be really good, although, its best feature from the game is also its biggest flaw in the game.Red Orchesta is a  pure multiplayer game ...

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The concept is good but I'm not to sure about the excecution 0

22 June 1941.The Germans wrecked our wire network to undermine our communications. Ninety-nine German divisions, including fourteen panzer divisions, have deployed against us from the Baltic to the Black Sea.From now on we refer to those regions as the Western and Southwestern Fronts. In addition to the ground troops the Luftwaffe has attacked several airfields, destroying much of our air fleet.I have received my orders a few minutes ago. I'm to go to the Western Front in an attempt to stop the ...

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