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A Filthy Classic 5

The earlier, “classic” Resident Evil games often get brushed off in the post-RE4 world. After all, it’s kind of difficult to go from quick-paced, guns ablazin’, over the shoulder action to a world of admittedly terrible voice acting, ammo conservation and much more apparent straight lines. Resident Evil Deadly Silence is a re-make of the original Resident Evil (released on the PlayStation in 1996) ergo; it has a lot of the same problems. However, if you can put your cynicism on the shelf and app...

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*Insert dumb as rocks Barry Burton quote here* 19

If there's one constant throughout all of Resident Evil, it's that Hunters will mess you up real good.The original Resident Evil has certainly seen quite its share of re-releases over the years, some more drastic than others. The 2002 remake I'm sure is the one that most look fondly untowards, and for good reason. Yet despite it being released 4 years after and keeping things centred around the very original, Deadly Silence is still what I consider a standout for the number of improvements and a...

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Hands down a classic! Now portable classic! 0

I've been a Nintendo maniac throughout my whole life, so my first encounter with a Resident Evil game was with the second one, which was released for the Nintendo 64, because of that I lost the true beginning of the series, of course we were granted the great remake in the GameCube era, and that's am excellent game, but it's always good to play a classic in it's true form, and that's what you get here, a classic in it's primordial form, and better, portable! Now, Resident Evil is a perfect game...

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