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165693 BeachThunder Game Overview 03/06/15 08:04PM 5 Approved
165691 BeachThunder Game Overview Second person. 03/06/15 08:03PM 1 Approved
90693 Optimaximal Game Overview 02/28/14 03:03AM 3 Approved
77022 BeachThunder Game Overview 12/23/13 06:35PM 7 Approved
77021 BeachThunder Game Overview 12/23/13 06:34PM 1 Approved
49965 Marino Game Overview 08/15/13 04:52PM 2 Approved
33660 Hargrimm Game Releases 06/02/13 01:20PM 18 Approved
33658 Hargrimm Game Overview 06/02/13 01:16PM 17 Approved
30950 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 05/18/13 11:09PM 27 Approved
30949 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 05/18/13 11:08PM 40 Approved
30916 bobafettjm Game Overview 05/18/13 06:39PM 8 Approved
30876 nahgwihoafj Game Overview 05/18/13 03:15PM 24 Denied
30756 SonneillonZ Game Overview added the titans to the characters 05/18/13 01:45AM 50 Approved
30755 SonneillonZ Game Overview Taken from their website 05/18/13 01:36AM 5 Denied
30656 amarriner Game Overview 05/17/13 12:56PM 157 Approved
30465 BagManForHire Game Overview 05/16/13 09:16PM 8 Approved
30429 BagManForHire Game Overview 05/16/13 12:00PM 23 Approved
30331 RiptidePow New Release 05/15/13 08:42PM 7 Approved
30325 RiptidePow Game Overview Adding info so the game can be added to Twitch.TV's directory. 05/15/13 08:29PM 130 Denied
29852 AbbeyGames Game Overview Reus is coming out May 16th on Steam and other PC platforms. It is a much anticipated title which brings new life and gameplay to the underpopulated god game genre. In Reus you control four mythical giants that transform a planet in order to create harmony between nature and greedy mankind. We have created this ambitious project out of nothing (no-budget) with a group of passionate young developers called Abbey Games. Reus has received lots of press before it's even released. For more info, che 05/13/13 03:13PM 10 Approved

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