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Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face Review

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Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face is only two dollars, but it's so incredibly thin that it feels more like a demo than something you should actually have to pay for.

This face is all "is thiiiiiis your card?!?!"
Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face is like a little demo of the 2007 DS release, Master of Illusion. It's not really a game, though. Master of Illusion is a series of magic tricks that are done in conjunction with the DS. It's sort of a neat idea, like an electronic version of the old book or video, Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends. Express: Funny Face takes two tricks from the cart-based version of the game and breaks them out as a two-dollar DSiWare purchase. This isn't a terrific deal--the tricks themselves are pretty dopey, and even if they were good, you can currently buy the full Master of Illusion game--which comes with over 20 tricks--for around $13.

The Funny Face trick works best when you have a deck of cards. The idea is that your mark will pick a card, you'll ask to see it, and then you'll draw a face on the DS screen that "magically" recites the chosen card. It doesn't take too much to figure out that how you draw the face determines what the DS says. Sorry for, you know, ruining the trick. To its credit, the application does a good job of teaching you how to keep talking during the trick and distract your victim. You also get a "bonus trick" called Vanishing Card, where you select five cards. The DS asks you to focus on one card, and then it makes the card disappear. Magic!

It's hard to complain too much about something that's only selling for two bucks, but Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face feels like the sort of thing that would normally be a free demo designed to entice people into picking up the full package. Even if you're looking to spend the initial 1,000 shop points you get for buying a DSi, you're better off without it.
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Posted by LordAndrew

You draw a face? Sold!

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Hahaha, dude what!?

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and nintendo yet again tries to sell crap to unsuspecting parents and children

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Love the one star picture!

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Hehe, that one star art.

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finally see a 1 star art from Jeff. like it : )

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That's... Certainly an inventive way to kill yourself. Don't do it Jeff!

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I'm pretty sure the term mark is only used when you're trying to hustle someone, not showing them a magic trick. :P

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the best thing to come out of this game was jeff's 1 star review pic.

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Wow, it looks great! ;)

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BOOM ha ha

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Jeff and Ryan have given 1 stars before.

Now I wanna see Brad and Vinny's 1 star pics!

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LOL! Is this the first one star review? Gotta love the one star pic!

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It's the fourth one-star review. And Jeff's second. His first was Rock Revolution.

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Awesome, love the 1 star picture.

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LOL. The one star pic is epic.

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TNT in mouth ha !

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Even if it's only 2$ this shouldn't cost money.

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lmao, best thing about this was the review pic of jeff

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I still don't really get how the trick works. Maybe I'm dumb :( But yeah, a little cheesy app doesn't deserve two dollars, it seems like something I could program on my lunch break.
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 console-console-console WIN!!    

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