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121370 ReverendHunt Person Overview 07/13/14 10:20AM 2 Approved
121304 ReverendHunt Person Overview 07/12/14 08:43PM 2 Approved
121303 ReverendHunt Person Overview 07/12/14 08:41PM 34 Approved
121302 ReverendHunt Person Overview 07/12/14 08:34PM 2 Approved
68974 ReverendHunt Person Overview 11/16/13 08:50PM 3 Approved
66602 lordmichael6969 Person Overview Versatile voice actor who has lent his voice to dozens of games over the past decade, most notably the "Kingdom Hearts", "Final Fantasy", "Saints Row", "Ace Combat", "Mortal Kombat", "Star Wars", "Transformers", "Skyrim", "Stargate", "Black Ops", "Spec Ops", and has voiced The JOKER in several games including "Injustice" to name a few. 11/03/13 10:04AM 6 Denied
38742 psoplayer Person Overview 06/26/13 12:57PM 2 Approved
6340 Wiseblood Person Overview Re-added game credits wiped out by bug. 02/20/13 12:39PM 300 Approved
4620 cwf123 Person Overview 02/17/13 02:23PM 159 Approved

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