Rift for $10 Today Only.

#1 Posted by Spoonman671 (4554 posts) -

Check out Amazon for the deal.  This is an MMO, so $10 is really just the first hit.

#2 Posted by evildeadron (830 posts) -

i picked this up for 10 during the steam sale and it's pretty great, tried WoW a few times but was incredibly bored, and even though this game shares many similarities, i find it to be a lot more fun...especially the Rift and Invasion events that are happening constantly

after 10 days and 37 hours in (multiple re starts until i found a class I liked) i have a level 20 rogue and i am starting to make some cash flow

#3 Posted by Winger (151 posts) -

I bought the physical CE for 18 bucks. Comes with an 8gb flash drive and mousepad, worth it alone. 
Bought the game near full price at launch and didn't really touch it, maybe it'll be different this time, and if it isn't I got a pretty sweet deal anyway.

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