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79195 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding 'Aaron DeMuth', 'Matt Durso', 'Erin Young' and 'Michael Georgeson' to RB3 and the database. Extra info for Noah Berkley. 01/05/14 01:25PM 54 Approved
46400 cxhgrunt Game Overview 8 more credits to add, including adding 'Luke Boggia' and 'Don Pan' to the database. 07/31/13 04:06AM 38 Approved
46395 cxhgrunt Game Overview 4 more credits to add, and additional info for Mallika. 07/31/13 03:43AM 10 Approved
45857 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding 3 RB3 artists to the database. 07/29/13 03:12PM 36 Approved
42325 cxhgrunt Game Overview 6 RB3 credits, and a bunch of additional information. 07/11/13 05:17PM 30 Approved
41590 cxhgrunt Game Overview 7 more Rock Band 3 programmers to add to database. 07/07/13 06:54PM 77 Approved
41588 cxhgrunt Game Overview 7 new people for the database, all credited in Rock Band 3. 07/07/13 06:43PM 77 Approved
28974 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding info to some 'uncredited' entries. 05/09/13 06:25PM 8 Approved
28972 cxhgrunt Game Overview adding two people to database, Avida Michaud and Grace Williams. Adding Doug Church credit, and info for Dan, Brian, Roger, Sylvain and Helen. 05/09/13 06:18PM 19 Approved
22978 cxhgrunt Game Overview 13 RB3 credits added for people in the database. 04/16/13 07:01AM 26 Approved
22195 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding 7 Producers not in the database. Alex Rossi, Jason Warburg, Julie Benevides, Anya Macmillan, Aaron Morris Price, John Veneron and Marc Raila. 04/13/13 06:54PM 84 Approved
22192 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding 8 Producers that are in the database. 04/13/13 06:48PM 16 Approved
22190 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding credits menu option. You can view credits from pause menus. 04/13/13 06:23PM 2 Approved
765 Vigorousjammer Game Releases 02/12/13 09:28PM 22 Approved
763 Vigorousjammer Game Releases 02/12/13 09:27PM 208 Approved
746 Vigorousjammer Game Releases 02/12/13 09:19PM 26 Approved
743 Vigorousjammer Game Releases 02/12/13 09:17PM 110 Approved

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