Official GB Saints Row The Third Community Thread.

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Want to play some co-op with some Giant Bomb duders?

Post your PSN/XBLA/Steam name and I'll add you to the table.

Giant BombXBLPSNSteamOnlive
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I've beaten pretty much everything except for the co-op activities so I'm down. 
Steam ID: cyraxible

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Same as my GB account.

I play on 360.

Edit: Well all systems are represented :D

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PSN ID: joseph9631

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Table updated.

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@Hizang said:

Table updated.

Why does it say XBLA

Doesn't that mean Xbox Live Arcade :P?

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My Steam user is WebScud.

I'm level 50 with maxed weapon and character upgrades. No cheats have been used.

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@Still_I_Cry said:

@Hizang said:

Table updated.

Why does it say XBLA

Doesn't that mean Xbox Live Arcade :P?

Man I keep doing that!


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@Hizang said:

@Still_I_Cry said:

@Hizang said:

Table updated.

Why does it say XBLA

Doesn't that mean Xbox Live Arcade :P?

Man I keep doing that!


You should be ashamed of yourself!

Also, I feel lonely, my name is the only one on the XBL list so far :(

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@Still_I_Cry: Shows you what the better console is, OH SNAP!

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@Hizang said:

@Still_I_Cry: Shows you what the better console is, OH SNAP!


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Any more duders?

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@SUPER_STANO: Updated.

Come on duders, we need names!

#15 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -

PSN: Melikefishnchips
Would be particularly interested in starting a fresh game on hard difficulty with someone

#16 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

Steam name Briguile

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Doing trophy clean up on my campaign, but totally cool for jumping in a fresh or mid game as well. Also, it'd be nice to be able to talk to someone while playing for a change. Also also, it should go without saying, BUT NO FUCKING CHEATS

PSN: Djryuzaki

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Updated duders.

#19 Posted by BasketSnake (1315 posts) -

I'm a dude. I got the PS3 version today. I loved SR2 and can't wait to play this one. PSN BasketSnake. How's it playing without a mic..useless or playable?

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@BasketSnake: A mic isn't really necessary at all. Unless you purposely wanted to coordinate something, otherwise the game is just about all out random chaos and killing people in the process
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Hell yes.

PSN: LordToastington

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I only have the co-op achievements left now. so I'll join in:

Steam: pockymonster255

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Grimhild on Steam

#24 Posted by ian280291 (122 posts) -

Any platform: ian280291

#25 Posted by SteepInKline (164 posts) -

Xbox 360 Gamertag: SteepInKline

#26 Posted by ZenGaijin (127 posts) -

I play, almost completed the game.

XBL: Z3nGaijin

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Updated duders.

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I don't have the game yet, but I will get it soon. Most likely. Hopefully. Eventually.   

Just add me to the table!

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@Enigma777: I don't know, that sounds risky...:P

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I'm down. Just picked it up but been plowing through it so I should be done in no time.
XBL: Joshthebear

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Xbox:  MrMoses717

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PSN: OneManX

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Same as my GB ID. I play on the 360.

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I'm playing on Onlive. Olive's website says they support multiplayer; not sure how that works. The email on my Onlive account is (it's my wife's account).

#35 Posted by Schnoggi (9 posts) -

Steam ID: da9l

Want to start over with a zombie character, but I also have another char with almost everything upgraded.

#36 Posted by AngeTheDude (703 posts) -

SteamID: angethedude

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Xbox Live: Halomaster1997

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The Full Package is out now, so if your new to the game add your name to the list :)

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