koopa_kid12's Shadow the Hedgehog (PlayStation 2) review

God help SEGA now...

Shadow the Hedgehog is a sort of rival for Sonic, he is not actully his rival however theres always a bit of competition going on between them, normally it's who's the fastest or strongest, but this time it's who has the best game. "What's the answer?" I hear you ask, well i don't even have to think about it. SONICS!

Shadow the Hedgehog is set at a different audience of Sonic fans.(The stupid ones who think Sonics too cocky!) What SEGA has tried to do is set Shadow the Hedgehog at a mor machure age group, it has made the storyline much darker and also added guns to the mix, however these are the main reasons it went wrong.

The guns are absolutley rubbish in the fact that you can't even aim it just randomly shoots anywhere. Also admitedly the storyline is good but it overdoes it a bit by putting in the forces. One other aspect of the game, is'nt neccesarily bad, just down right stupid! You can get Shadow to ride certain vehicles such as motorbikes and cars, also you are able to pick up whole trees and use them as swords and javelins which is absolutley ridiculus!

Luckily however Shadow the Hedgehog is'nt a total letdown, the fact that you can actully choose your side is fantastic! The cutscenes are OK and the voice acting, (Believe it or not!) is'nt half bad!

Overall, Shadow the Hedgehog is a good game that would have been fantastic if SEGA had'nt overdone it and made rubbish ideas and some good ideas gone wrong! 2 STARS!
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