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When I first saw this feature in the demo, I thought "eh, that's neat, but who cares about that." But when I got the full game, the first thing I did was check the Civilopedia again. I probably spent at least 30 minutes there just reading about various things. Probably spend a lot more time with that feature once all is said and done. I'd like to read/see everything that's in there. The way it's organized, plus the content and multimedia stuff makes it very interesting.

Don't know if I'm secretly into world history and never realized it, or if I'm in to this feature simply because it relates to a game I'm playing, but I'm really digging it. I've learned more about world history now than I learned in college (didn't major in this subject though), or grade school for that matter.

Anyway, just mentioning it for no real reason.

Tip* For those who don't know, the "fun facts" tab changes each time you go to it for each item. Switch back and forth to it and you should see it cycle through different text.

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I love it.  I sometimes go to wikipedia to learn even more about a subject.

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It's a fantastic thing, for sure. The more you learn about history, the more you understand the world around you.

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I read at least 10 mins of it everytime I start a game of Civ.

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