New expansion: Brave New World

#1 Posted by Mageknight (146 posts) -

There's a new expansion coming out this summer:

It's $30, like Gods & Kings, and is focused on making the mid-to-late game more interesting with things like revamps of the culture victory, a new lategame "international trade" system, and a new "World Congress" system. The World Congress is the UN of the past Civ games, where you vote on resolutions that affect every player. Of course, there's also the usual array of new civs, wonders, and scenarios too.

I think this sounds pretty great. I like Civ V a lot and I still go back to it, but the parts of the game they're overhauling (especially the culture victory!) can be exceptionally dull. I also missed the old UN, so I'm glad to see that back. What do you guys think - are you interested in this?

#2 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1255 posts) -

Super interested! More Civ 5 is always welcome.

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I'll wait for the Orwell expansion.

#4 Edited by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I guess 2K didn't have any other strategy game for them to work on, so they made more Civilization ( not that thats a bad thing ).

I also always play with victory's off, Huge maps, with 8 people ( as opposed to 12 ).

But I wish they would make a Civ game where they would expand the timeline beyond history. Kind of like empire earth, except not realtime. Because I suck at real time.

#5 Edited by MezZa (2081 posts) -

Well I guess this means I know what game I'm getting next.

#6 Posted by Wuddel (2360 posts) -

@dagbiker: Nah. Two expansions are like a Civ standard. 2K has nothing to do with this. This is the mighty Sid. There are a bunch of mods which will expand the game.

#7 Posted by MrT (200 posts) -

Although this does make me want to hop back into some civ, 30$ is way to much I'll wait till it's on sale for 5$.

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