Airports broken?

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Is this area of the game broken?

30,000 minute waiting time for an airport with four lanes seems excessive.

Anyone seen traffic-related bugs like this?

#2 Posted by isomeri (1678 posts) -

There's tons of traffic-related bugs in the game, which have made me stop playing it entirely. I haven't built any airports so can't comment on that specifically, but my ports, trams and roads have all been broken to various extents at some point.

#3 Posted by Mirado (1087 posts) -

....probably? It's so hard to tell if something is busted or working as intended in this game, as everything feels broken to some degree. Road traffic is the worst but they seem to be clearing it up, however there's so much of the game that doesn't work like it should (road tool, trading/gifting, etc) that it's hard to identify whether something's broken or just inefficiently designed.

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