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Sir William was once a great paladin hero who was corrupted and now represents lust. After he defeated the first overlord, William became interested in more... unconventional sexual partners. Like succubi for example. He turns his back on his fiancée, who just so happens to be your mistress Velvet in favor of the Succubus Queen. The presence of a succubus in Heaven's Peak results in a plague of undeath in William's fortified city. In the Heaven's Peak Abyss, William is thrown into a pit of fire at the mercy of the women of Heaven's Peak who William, along with all the other men of Heaven's Peak, ignored in favor of succubi. The Overlord 'rescues' William from the flames, only to strap him to a series of paladin-powered cleaning equipment in order for the Overlord to get close to the women and get them back to Heaven's Peak. It is worth noting that the girls have learned some pretty mean kung-fu...

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